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Midinous is a MIDI sequencer


Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is the technical standard Midinous adopts to send data to other applications (usually, but not limited to, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)). Although Midinous can make simple sounds on its own, it is best used with a DAW.

Grid Based Editing

Midinous works on a grid system where the distance between each tile is a quarter note. Arrange objects called ‘Points’ and connect them together with ‘Paths’ to quickly create complex looping or branching sequences of MIDI data. Branch to points randomly or instantly, split signals, or have signals travel in order of Path creation. Turn snapping mode off for complex rhythms and odd timing!

Customization and Accessibility

Most keyboard controls have been made accessible by way of remapping, and the interface can be recolored as desired. Make Midinous as friendly as it needs to be.

“Infinite” Canvas

Midinous provides a virtually infinite scrollable canvas for creations. Though technically not limitless, Midinous can support your wildest creations with full support for scrolling, panning, and zoom.

Scale Snapping

With Midinous’ scale snapping functionality, set a group of Points to a certain scale, or ensure the entire project aligns with a desired mode. Choose a key and a scale to quickly change the way a sequence sounds.

Relative Signals

Carry MIDI data across multiple pathways with relative assignments for every attribute a Point object may have, such as MIDI Note, Channel, Velocity, Duration, and more. Good for ascending sequences and arpeggios.


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